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Photo variable friction arm with anti-rotation attachments

MSRP: $185.00 USD

The Manfrotto 244MICRO-AR variable friction arm is 15 cm/5.9 inches long capable of supporting loads up to 3 kg/6.6 lb. Included with this arm is the Anti-Rotation attachment and a 3/8 Inch attachment. The Anti-Rotation system is compatible with products that use the Easylink system and can be joined to clamps like the 386B-1. With a number of accessories, it is easy to customize this arm for your exact needs. Constructed from lightweight aluminum the central ratcheted locking mechanism easily allows positioning where needed. This arm is part of the famous Manfrotto 244 Variable Friction Arm family and always performs in the most demanding environments.

Recommended Accessories:  386B-1, MSY0590A, 244ADPT58, 244ADPT38AR, 244ADPT38AA, 244ADPT3814, MC1990A, 035 

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  • Slips and wobbles eliminated via variable friction arm
  • Solid aluminum arm for maximum strength and durability
  • Ergonomic handle and super-controlled movement
  • Full set of adapters included for extreme compatibility 
  • Absolute precision guaranteed via innovative anti-rotation 
Weight 0.53 lbs / 0.24 kg
Payload 6.61 lbs / 3 kg
Arm Length 5.91 in / 15 cm
Top Attachment 3/8" thread female with AR
Bottom Attachment 3/8" thread female, 3/8" thread female with AR
Arm Tube Diameters 0.36 in / 9.2 mm
Closed Length 4.13 in / 10.5 cm
Color Black
Superclamp Compatible No
Material Steel, Aluminum


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