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Introducing the ECLIPSE-FS; a full color LED Ellipsoidal unlike anything you have seen!

Introducing the ECLIPSE-FS; a full color LED Ellipsoidal unlike anything you have seen!

October 17, 2018 05:21

A.C. Lighting Inc., distributor of world-class lighting, rigging and video technologies introduces the PROLIGHTS ECLIPSE-FS to its product portfolio. The ECLIPSE-FS offers a new level of performance and expectations to the LED ellipsoidal market.

The ECLIPSE-FS is a full color LED ellipsoidal designed to deliver a full range of bold saturates, soft pastels, and stunning whites. The RGB+Lime LED engine has been specially designed and engineered to provide both a full range of colors and studio quality variable white light together with high-intensity output.

ProLights’ high-definition, HQ optics feature industry leading optics providing a crisp, flat field with sharp gobo projection.  The innovative HQ optics even allow for a soft focus while maintaining color integrity.  The Eclipse-FS is available with 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, or 50° HQ Optic lens tubes and accept industry standard accessories.

The ECLIPSE-FS has been developed in response to the feedback of some of the world’s leading lighting designers. The philosophy is to provide a “Must Have” product with the performance that users demand and deserve, at a point that allows them deliver their creative concepts on budget.

In late 2017, A.C. Lighting partnered with Italian-based manufacture ProLights to provide the North American Market with an incredible range of moving lights and fixtures for the professional lighting market. The product portfolio includes; LED-based moving head, static and battery powered light ranges. ProLights focuses on the design and manufacture of lighting technologies and professional video products for events, TV and architectural applications. You can find ProLights products on stages, in concert halls and in studios around the world.

“We are excited to launch this truly innovative LED ellipsoidal. The Eclipse-FS is a must-see product that has the intensity and punch to cut through a stage wash, impeccable dimming and incredible optics.” commented Fred Mikeska, VP, Sales for A.C. Lighting. “ProLights manufactures each product with carefully chosen components and materials combined with rigorous quality control, making the Eclipse-FS an outstanding choice when selecting an LED ellipsoidal.”

Visit A.C. Lighting Inc. in booth #1051 at LDI in Las Vegas for your demonstration of the ProLights product range and other leading technologies. To learn more about ProLights or A.C. Lighting Inc., please visit our website www.aclighting.com.