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Avenger Overhead Stand 58 steel with braked wheels

MSRP: $743.00 USD

Avenger overhead roller stands are built-in chrome steel, incorporate a dual purpose head that has a 4 1/2" grip head and 28mm/ 1 1/8" receiver.  The style of these stands is nicknamed "Mombo Combo". The A3058CS is a 4 section, 3 riser stand and is very popular in supporting overhead frames, butterflies, and butterfly pipe kits. Max height on this stand is 579cm/228in and is capable of taking a max load of 40kg/88.2lbs. Braked (A9000N) wheels are included with this stand and can be easily attached or removed if desired.  

Recommended Accessories: H2012, H2008, H1200M, 087WBK, E200

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  • Chrome plated steel stand
  • Load capacity: 40kg
  • Built in grip head
Weight 40.34 lbs / 18.3 kg
Maximum Height 227.95" / 579 cm
Top Attachment 1 1/8" (28mm) socket, Grip Head size 115mm
Load Capacity At Maximum Extension 88.18 lbs / 40 kg
Color Silver
Levelling Leg 1
Suggested Wheels A9000N
Material Column Chrome Steel
Min Height 73.23" / 186 cm
Payload 88.18 lbs / 40 kg
Sections Number Of Support Systems 4
Closed Length 71.65" / 182 cm
Footprint Max Diameter 60.63" / 154 cm
Stand Leg Size 25x25mm
Material Base Chrome Steel


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