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STAND ADAPTER Junior Female 1 1/8in to Baby Male 5/8in

MSRP: $34.00 USD

The Avenger E200 STAND ADAPTER (Converts a Junior Female 1 1/8in/28mm Receiver to a 5/8in/16mm Baby Male Spigot/Stud). This versatile adapter is ideal for use on any light stand, clamp, or rolling base that has a Junior Female Receiver. The small hole on the bottom of the adapter allows for safety pins to be engaged when needed for additional safety.

Works Well With:

Combo Stands (A1020B, A1020CS, A4050CS, A5036CS, B6030CS, B6039CS, B6029X, B6040X, B6040XK),

Roller Bases (297BBASE, 299BBASE),

C-Stands (A2030D, A2030DCB, A2030DKIT, A2030DCBKIT)

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  • Convert any Junior Receiver to Baby Male Spigot/Stud
  • Ideal for junior light stands, clamps, and junior roller bases.
  • Designed to slot into a standard 28mm/1 1/8in female receiver
  • Made of durable Chrome Plated Steel
  • Quickly attach lights and accessories with a 5/8in/16mm receiver
Weight 1.37 lbs / 0.62 kg
Attatchment (Bottom) 1 1/8" (28mm) stud 
Top Attachment 5/8" (16mm) stud
Color Silver
Material Chrome Steel
Height 7.48 in / 19 cm


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