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Mega Boom Black (Stand not Included), practical and strong

MSRP: $1,602.00 USD

The Manfrotto 425B Mega Boom is the largest boom in the Manfrotto range. Popular for Cine, large photo, and video applications, this boom is Mega popular! When connected by the junior pin to a wind-up or super wind-up stand with wheels this boom is easy to move around on set, location, or in any environment. Wind-up stands are definitely the way to go with this boom. With the 425B, you have remote control of the pan, tilt, and rotation of any light. LEDs, panel lights, or strobes with large modifiers can be easily positioned to give you your best in lighting control. It is constructed using black zinc steel and anodized aluminum tubes. To ensure the boom is countered balanced, a G300 sandbag is included with the boom. The boom when retracted has a collapsed length of 220 cm/86.61 inch. While in use, a minimum extension from the stand attachment of 50 cm/20 inches can be achieved while the max extension from the stand attachment is 320 cm/126 inches. The load at max extension is up to 6 kg/13.2 lb with 30 kg/66 lb of counterweight while the load at minimum extension can be up to 30 kg/66 lb with 30 kg/66 lb of counterweight.

Recommended Accessories:  E200, C155, 087NW, 087NWB, 387XBU, 

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  • Reaches 3.6m, our biggest mega boom stand you can use
  • Geared crank handles let you move smoothly
  • Aluminium core means you can trust the kit is strong and durable
  • Counterweight sandbag provides you with added stability
  • Compatible with our wind-up stands for your exact positions
Weight 33.07 lbs (15 kg)
Payload (For Proper Usage, See Instruction Manual) 66.14 lbs (30 kg)
Boom Min Extension 19.69" (50.01 cm)
Boom Max Extension 125.98" (320 cm)
Attachment (Bottom) 1 1/8″ (28mm) stud
Arm Tube Diameters 2.17- 1.77 in
Load Capacity At Maximum Extension 13.23 lbs (6 kg)
Top Attachment 1 1/8″ (28mm) socket
Color Black
Material Aluminum
Sections - Boom Arm 2

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