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Manfrotto Top System 54

MSRP: $5,898.00 USD

The FF3054 Top System 54 is the largest Sky Track kit offered for a photo, video, and content creation studios who want to have their studio area clean, yet have their lighting handy when needed. It features 2 fixed 5-metre long rails, 3 mobile-sliding 3-meter-long rails, and 4 Top 2C pantographs supporting 4 light sources. Easily adjust the pantographs to a specific length so you can achieve precise results. Eliminate the nuisance of power cables and limited range of motion, all by suspending your lighting accessories overhead.

The kit consists of:  

2 Rails 5 m/16.4 ft long - FF6005B.
3 Rails 3 m/9.84 ft long - FF6003B.
4 Kits of 4 endstops - FF3207.
8 Brackets for ceiling fixture - FF3210.
4 Kits of 5 cable carriages - FF3226.
4 4-wheeled sliding carriages with 16mm spigot - FF3230.
3 Double sliding carriages - FF3232.
3 Double sliding carriages with single brake - FF3236.
4 Top Pantograph extendable from 40cm to 200cm - FF3512N86.
4 Safety steel cable - FF3276.

Note: The kit does not include the mounts to the ceiling. Please see the Manfrotto PDF catalog for all the mounts available for different types of ceilings. This kit has braked carriages it is recommended to order an operating pole (427B-4.0 or 427B-6.5) which helps move braked carriages along the rail. Light up your sets without hassle. Never let anything get in the way of the perfect studio shoot!  

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  • Perfect for studio use
  • Pantographs support 4 light sources
  • Reliable, strong accessories for professionals
  • Features brackets, spigots, end stops, and carriages
  • Features 2 fixed rails and 3 mobile rails
Weight 132.28 lbs (60 kg)


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