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Metal Chain Expan Set w/ Red Chain - 22lb. Capacity

MSRP: $170.00 USD

The Manfrotto Expan Set 046MCR is the ideal drive set for studio work when using backgrounds. Designed to hold backgrounds up to 10 kg/22 lb Expan sets are the perfect way to use single or multiple background rolls when onset.  Ideally designed for seamless backgrounds you can use additional items like Alu Core and attach seamless or other types of background material. The metal chain enables you to quickly and safely adjust the height of your background without having to lower the support stands. It’s compatible to use with background tubes or cardboard cores measuring up to 78 mm Ø in diameter and expands from 46 mm/1.8 inches to 78 mm/3.1 inches, so you have a whole range of creative possibilities within reach. Simply slot in the roll you need, attach Expan with the chain to the desired mounting system and you'll be good to go! Expan sets can be used singularly or in multiples depending on your setup.  Also, they can be used on location with Autopole® and other Manfrotto accessories when you need to set up more than one background.

Recommended Accessories: 035, 059, 059WM, 081, 045, 044, 047-2, 047-3, 062-2, 094 

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  • Efficient Expan background drive set for one roll
  • Inserts into the background roll fast
  • Supports up to 10kg
  • Can adjust without lowering the support stands
  • Comes complete with metal chain
    Nothing to download.
Weight 4.45 lbs (2.02 kg)


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