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Front diffusion filter for EclPanelTWC

MSRP: $349.00 USD

EPTWCFILTERHD: is high diffusion and allows less light through, but provides a softer beam quality.

EPTWCFILTERMD: offers medium diffusion and produces optimal light output and beam quality.

EPTWCFILTERLD: is less diffusion and therefore allows more light to pass through.
EPTWCFILTERINT: increases light output by up to 40% while maintaining a homogenized and soft projection of light. The increase in intensity is achieved by conveying some of the spill-light going off to the side and re-directing it in a more straight projection. Light output in the center is thereby increased keeping the same level of quality.

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Typical applications of the EPTWCFILTERINT:

  • To homogenize light levels when multiple units are illuminating on the same target, focusing the fixture with Intensifier filter on the more distant position and the one with standard MD filter working more near field. This is very common in Motion pictures on green backing studios where fixtures are hung in the ceiling structure but the customer does require a flat lux level on the walls
  • Long-throw projection where higher intensity is required
  • An application requiring a more narrow beam angle

Benefits of the EPTWCFILTERINT:

  • Increased intensity (lux) up to 40%
  • Homogenized and soft projection
  • 74,8° Half Peak obtained Angle
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  Product Code Material Beam Angle
Front diffusion filter for ECLPANELTWC PIEPTWCFILTERINT PMMA 70°
Front diffusion filter for ECLPANELTWC PIEPTWCFILTERHD PC 110°
Front diffusion filter for ECLPANELTWC PIEPTWCFILTERMD PMMA 100°
Front diffusion filter for ECLPANELTWC PIEPTWCFILTERLD PMMA 100°


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