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CRMX Outdoor RX

MSRP: $1,160.00 USD

CRMX Outdoor RX is an outdoor receiver for one full DMX/RDM universe of up to 512 channels being transmitted by a CRMX transmitter.

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CRMX Outdoor™ is an adaptation of the CRMX Nova product line for outdoor use with the same advanced CRMX technology and features for wireless DMX and RDM distribution. With its discreet and secure metal housing and integrated shock absorption, CRMX Outdoor is built to withstand any outdoor environment for many years. Since all CRMX Outdoor products are IP67 rated, they are not only safe to install in humid environments, it's even possible to submerge the units down to 1 meter in water.

CRMX Outdoor™ Receiver is an IP67 outdoor receiver for one (1) DMX universe being transmitted by a CRMX transmitter (indoor or outdoor). It supports one full RDM/DMX universe of up to 512 channels at maximum refresh rate.

CRMX Outdoor is an adaptation of the CRMX Nova™ product line for outdoor use and is compatible with other CRMX DMX/RDM products. CRMX Outdoor is the first RDM enabled wireless light control product both waterproof and vandal proof making it suitable for any outdoor installation.

CRMX Outdoor is the worlds first wireless DMX and RDM receiver for outdoor use that is designed to withstand many years of weather forces thanks to its unique combination of an IP67 rated housing and the vandal proof mounting cover.

To fit in to old wireless systems with legacy equipment CRMX Outdoor Receiver is compatible with W-DMX™ transmitters. However when using it in this way you won’t get the benefits of the advanced CRMX technology.

Use the CRMX Outdoor Receiver together with a CRMX Outdoor Flex, CRMX Nova TX, CRMX Nova TX2, CRMX Nova TX2 RDM or any other CRMX transmitter.

CRMX Outdoor utilized the international license free ISM band (2.4GHz).

  • USITT DMX512, DMX512(1990) & DMX512-A
  • RDM ANSI E1.20
  • High voltage input: 85-264VAC / 47-70Hz / 3W
  • Overvoltage and ESD protected power input
  • Enclosure: IP67 vandal proof housing
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.9″ x 9.6″ x 3″ (201 x 244 x 78 mm)
  • Weight: 1.6kg, 3.5lbs
  • Operational frequency range: 2402-2480 MHz
  • Output power levels: 300mW (25dBm) (only allowed in North America), 100mW (20dBm), 50mW (17dBm), 10mW (10dBm)
  • Tested link range: 500m in urban area using 100mW output power mode
  • DMX: Pluggable terminal strip, Phoenix® MSTB 2,5
  • Antenna: N female
  • AC: 13AWG Pluggable terminal block

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