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Black Rail 60, 9'10''

MSRP: $237.00 USD

The FF6003B anodized aluminum rail in black is a 300 cm/118.1-inch rail for the Manfrotto Sky Track system. It is the shortest of the 3 rails offered. The FF6003B can be used either as a fixed rail and is the most popular rail for sliding rail Sky Track systems and kits. Notes about the rail and the system: For fixed rails, longer sizes are obtainable by fitting two or more rails together. Sliding rails cannot be joined. To connect two fixed rails use code FF3208. You must always support the junction of two rails with a ceiling attachment placed on the junction itself.

Recommended Accessories: FF6004B, FF6005B, FF3210, FF3215, FF3218, FF3215A, FF3230, FF3229, FF3232, FF3214B

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  • Black anodized alluminum
  • Rail length 3m (9.8ft)
  • To connect two rails use FF3208
    Nothing to download.
Weight 9.04 lbs (4.1 kg)
Length 118.11" (300.0 cm)


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