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Avenger TVMP Adapter (Yoke to Stand)

MSRP: $26.00 USD

The Avenger E390 TVMP ADAPTER (YOKE to STAND) is ideal for most TV lighting, LED lights, or any lights that have a hole in the yoke for the mounting of a C-Clamp or similar. If these lights need to be mounted on a baby stand or junior stand, this adapter can do both. The adapter has a 5/8in the female receiver while the outside diameter of the adapter is 1 1/8in. The TVMP adapter is equipped with a threaded bolt on top that allows for quick attaching to a yoke. A set screw is located below the T-knob and can be used for increased securing and safety. Use with Lights with YOKE Mounts: Litepanels Gemini, LED Lights with Yokes, Panel Lights with Yokes.

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  • Works with Junior receivers, baby studs and baby spigots
  • Threaded Top Bolt allows for quick connection to lighting yokes
  • Addition of a set screw for added security and safety
  • Easily remove T-Knob when needed to convert to a Junior Stud
Weight 0.33 lbs / 0.15 kg
Attachment (Bottom) 1 1/8" (28mm) Stud, 5/8" (16mm) Socket
Top Attachment 1/2" Screw
Color Silver
Superclamp Compatible No
Material Steel
Height 2.99 in / 7.6 cm


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