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Aluminum Magic Arm w/ Bracket, Pivot Lock Control

MSRP: $179.00 USD

The Manfrotto 143A Magic Arm with camera umbrella bracket 143BKT is one of the most versatile arms to position and secure into place. This is the original Magic Arm and what separates it from all other arms in the market is the feature to easily lock all 3 points of the arm by moving the handle into the braked locked position or simply pull back on the lever and the arm can be easily repositioned. Studio shooters love using this arm along with a Super Clamp! The length of the arm is 53 cm/20.87 inches and is capable of holding loads up to 3 kg/6.6 lb. The included 143BKT called a camera umbrella bracket is used for cameras, transmitters, lighting tools like umbrellas, and other small panel lights, strobes, and accessories. Typically the 244 arm is mounted on a Super Clamp but you can also mount it to light stands and other accessories such as wall plates by using the baby 16 mm/ 5/8 inch pin on either end of the arm. The baby pins on each end of the arms also have a 9.53 mm/ 3/8 inch thread receiver or a 6.35 mm/ 1/4 inch threaded receiver. The arm also comes with 2 hex wrenches so that adjustments can be made to the central locking system when needed. The remote mounting possibilities of this versatile tool are endless!    

Recommended Accessories: 035, 125, 147, C155, FF3276, C1575B

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  • Magic arm made to Italy’s leading manufacturing standards
  • Crafted from strong aluminium
  • Supports up to 3kg
  • Position easily with pivot locking lever
  • Measures just 53cms long
Weight 2.58 lbs (1.17 kg)
Payload (For Proper Usage, See Instruction Manual On Download Section) 6.61 lbs (3 kg)
Arm Length 20.87" (53 cm)

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