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035 Super Clamp without Stud, includes 035WDG Wedge

MSRP: $44.00 USD

The Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp is truly one of the best inventions from Manfrotto! This iconic piece was originally made back in the early '70s and is still most likely one of the most widely used pieces of lighting and grip gear today. Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp has been certified TÜV and this certification is recognized as an important certification in numerous parts of the world. Capable of supporting loads up to 15 kg/33 lb. There are numerous Super Clamp adapters that are hex-shaped or round on one end and connect easily to the Hex socket of the 035 and allow for various types of connections to lights and other tools on the other end. Most of these connectors are 16 mm/ 5/8 inch to 16 mm/ 5/8 inch (Baby to Baby connectors). There is also a 1/4in UNC threaded receiver on the bottom of the clamp. The Super Clamp jaws can grasp diameters ranging from 13 mm/0.51 inch to 55 mm/ 2.16 inch. For added versatility, a 035WDG comes with the 035 Super Clamp allowing easy connection to flat services if needed. Finally, the Super Clamp works well with magic arms, friction arms, articulated arms, micro arms, DADO Arms, and many other accessories. Recommended Accessories: 061, 061 RA, 066, 264, E600, 244, 143, MSY0590A, 032, 032B, C155, FF3276

Also available in bulk packaging (035FTC).

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  • Ergonomic grip for total control
  • A durable photo clamp that can support up to 15kg
  • Comes with a Tüv safety certification stamp
  • Designed to keep everything securely locked in place
  • Slots in with a wide range of accessories and adapters
  • Bulk packaging available - 24 pieces per box - Part Number: MA035FTC
Weight  lbs (0.43 kg)
Payload (For Proper Usage, See Instruction Manual On Download Section)  lbs (15 kg)
Attachment 01 16mm Hexgon Socket [Super Clamp AR]
Certification TÜV
Clamp Range - Max. (Round Tube) 55 mm
Clamp Range Min Round Tube 13 mm
Color Black
Material Aluminum, Steel

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