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Serial Adapter for Camera Mounting Box


The Follow-Me Serial Adapter provides remote camera access for menu control in Follow-Me. With this product, you can now control camera menu to handle settings such as infrared mode from a distance.

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Full control of your camera at all times

Handling all kinds of settings such as camera exposure, image mirroring and infrared can now be done from a distance with the Follow-Me Serial Adapter.

You no longer needa cherry picker to get to the camera. Just attach this product to an iMac and to the Follow-Me Camera Box, and you'll get the camera information right into the Follow-Me software.

The Follow-Me software can be operated with the high quality and robust Mouse and Fader consoles. We also offer a camerabox and serial adapter to get the most out of the Follow-Me software. These products were specifically designed for Follow-Me, to let the technicians and operators have the best experience with the software.

This is a typical system set-up, including its connections to each other.

Follow-Me Typical Set Up

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